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Trade Wins:

Integrated & Highly Compatible Point of Sale Software.

The TradeWins software is a comprehensive Point of Sale tool to automated Retail Management Business Process that supports barcodes and Integrate with all your back-office operations in real time. Replacing stand-alone cash registers or separate retail software, TradeWins empowers retail managers with all the audit trails needed for end-of-day reports, allow cash registers to be secured so they can be reconcile individually. In addition, TradeWins enable inventory tracking in real-time, offers customer credit card processing, which means you don't have to re-key accounting or credit card information, and permits flexible product pricing configuration and check n balance measure to prevent your staff from selling at lower than designated rates. TradeWins enables your sales persons to up-sell and cross-sell products and services at optimum efficiency.

In addition to broad-spectrum functionality, TradeWins covers inventory control, sales, reorder level, procurement, human resource management. Uniqueness of the product is to enhance your business productivity significantly without ever having to purchase and integrate separate third party software applications. Hence you benefited with one window solution under the umbrella of ITG. With TradeWins, you get a powerful yet affordable 'all-in-one' retail business solution right-out-of-the-box!