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Database Migration:

Outsourcing is the trend now-a-days to reduce expenses. Man-power, development, support, back-office process are some departments which are being outsourced. However, you can see Database Administration (DBA) is also growingly outsourced to stable and reliable firms.

Database of any company is the most confidential part of any firm. Hence it's obvious that it should be outsourced only to a very reliable and efficient service provider. Remote rendering of DBA services results in improved system performance, enabling high efficiency and lower cost of operation. At ITG, we help our clients benefit by deploying a team of remote DBA experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time equivalents with comparable experience locally. We also practice sending our DBA team to onsite maintenance or development tasks.

We help our clients to determine the best administrative strategies, hedge risks and exposure to disruptive downtime and make sure your databases operates at peak efficiency, regardless of the user load. 
We have information resources, analytical tools and most important, certified database experts who can help you understand and evaluate the full range of database administration options so that you can build a strong database administration and technology strategy. 

1- Oracle

2- Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005

3- IBM DB2

4- Informix

5- MySQL

6- Sybase